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With Christmas only a little over 9 weeks(!) away, we know the next couple of months will fly by before we even realize it.  Don't fret!  We are here to make it smooth sailing for you.  Over the coming months, we will continue to share with you some of our favorite flavor combinations, products, recipes, and some easy gift giving ideas, that will be sure to make your life easier!  

Cranberry Pear Roasted Butternut Squash


I love a dish that is easy to throw together, healthy, AND (this part is crucial) delicious.  With just a few simple ingredients, this one is a no-brainer.  Grab a bottle of one of our fruity Ultra Premium Olive Oils and our Cranberry Pear White Balsamic to create a great seasonal side dish.  

Want to help a friend out during this holiday season?  Gift them these two products, along with a print out of this recipe or directions on how to find it on our website!

Fig for Days!

Have you ever come across a person who doesn't totally swoon at just the mention of fig?  Neither have we!  Our Black Mission Fig Balsamic Vinegar will do just the trick if you are looking for a gift for a friend who hasn't had the pleasure of visiting our little shoppe-around-the-corner, here in Dilworth.  If you'd like another fig fix, grab a cute artisan style packaged Balsamic Fig Jam by Cascina Marchesa.  This stuff is imported straight from Italy and loaded with only 3 terrific ingredients (because that's all you need): figs, brown cane sugar, and balsamic vinegar of Modena.  Try this on toast, crackers, bagels with cream cheese, english muffins, pork loin, or baked in pastry dough with blue cheese.


If all that's still not enough fig for you (of course it isn't!), here is the link to one of our favorite fig recipes:

Gift Sets

We will have new holiday gift sets available very soon, but don't forget we are currently offering our 6 pack of minis for the reduced price (was $35) of $26.50.  You are free to create custom sets, so you can give all your favorite flavor combinations OR, trust us and grab a pre-packaged set that includes 3 sets of an infused or fused olive oil and a balsamic vinegar.  Either way, these are an easy, gender-neutral way to introduce your friends to some cool new flavors that will amp up their cooking and not turn into clutter!  If you don't have the time to spare, call ahead (980/207-1510) and I'll prepare your custom pack or even ship it in one of our cute packages for the flat rate of $15 to anywhere in the continental US. 

New Neighbors: Beau Outfitters

We are so excited to have new neighbors!   Beau Outfitters quietly opened their doors last week, but don't let them sneak into our little building without getting your warm welcome! There will be an official event soon and I'll be sure to share any details as soon as I have them.  These guys are so nice and have a great store full of rustic and refined sporting gentlemen's wear.  Bring your beau by to see what he drools over, so you can get it for him to wear for the holidays.  I know I'm excited to bring my new husband, John, over there to check out some of the really cool and stylish tweed sport coats.  Imagine how snazzy your guys will look at all of your holiday gatherings!  

October 20, 2014 admin

Hash Flash Blog Image


This has coincided with our Summer Saturday Cooking Demos at PO from 2-4pm (wine to complement of course) and we will keep adding to help you find new/creative ways to enjoy our delectable products. Anyway, here’s the gist. We want to have a 30 day PO contest to see who can take a picture of their culinary masterpiece with a recipe from our recipe page, and using our products. Feel free to name the dish after yourself or give credit where due (if embellished). Take a picture (Flash) and put it out there in social media land (Hash) tagging us: #pourolive. Winner gets eternal fame, unimaginable glory and an authentic Italian Sansone Stainless 2 liter fusti to hold your favorites right on your own countertop! Contest ends and winner announced September 15th. Pour it on!


I’ll be at Atherton Mills this Saturday (August 16th) from 11-1 for the Ice Cream Churn-Tacular!! There are several participants that will each bring their own flair. People’s choice for best taste, so come on out and rally behind us and our olive oil ice cream. I’ll post the recipe after the Churn Off for you all to try and photograph at home. It looks like it’ll be a hot day-perfect for ice cream-and I’d love to see you out there. My boys will be surely making an appearance.


Don’t forget that Victoria, with Zia Pia, will be our special guest for this week’s cooking demo. This is the perfect opportunity to taste how our wonderful line of Italian goods are. Our special guest will be in house from 2-4p. Don’t miss this chance to sample these organic flavorful foods!

August 14, 2014 sophie