These are all natural, plain, extra virgin olive oils. This means they are the highest grade of olive oils- unadulterated by chemicals, heat, or other inferior ingredients. Our oils are sent off to Australia for certification testing at Modern Olives Lab, making them the highest quality you can currently get on the market, known as Ultra Premium! All Oils listed are perfect for any application: cooking, drizzling, dressings, use in baking as a replacement for vegetable oil/butter, base in pesto or hummus, and more.

The oils we offer come from various countries around the world (some are exclusively supplied to us alone!). There are 2 harvest seasons each year, one occurring in the Northern hemisphere and the other in the Southern hemisphere. Due to only supplying fresh oils, we rotate our offerings with each harvest. This means you will not, and should not, find Californian or Italian oils on our line-up year round. You will, however, find just the right oil no matter the application, time of year, or varietal!

Learn more information on the chemistry of the oils and check out How to Buy Great Olive Oil.