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Mushroom & Sage Lamb Loin Chop

Marinating the lamb in pomegranate balsamic is the secret!

Cook time:

10 mins

Prep time:

2 hours, for marinating

Marinate your choice of meat even longer than 2 hours for optimal flavor!


(extra Oil and Balsamic for finishing the dish)


  1. Marinate lamb, or choice of meat, in Olive Oil and Balsamic for 2 to 6 hours.
  2. Heat a saute pan or cast iron skillet till almost smoking. Season meat cuts with salt and pepper and place in pan. Cook about 2 - 3 mins. on each side for medium-rare or more time to preferred doneness.

    Baste with marinade as it cooks. Remove and rest for 8 to 10 mins (preserves juices!)

  3. In the same skillet, saute kale till wilted. Use additional Oil and Balsamic to taste.
  4. Serve chops over kale and garnish with pomegranate seeds and walnuts.