About Us

Our Story

Almost 15 years ago our passion was ignited in Boone, North Carolina, when we stumbled upon an artisan olive oil and balsamic store for the first time. After tasting many varieties and flavors, and learning about the sources and health benefits of such high quality olive oil, my husband and I left with more bottles than we could carry, and decided that Charlotte needed a similar store of its own.

In early 2012, after searching for two years, we finally found the perfect Dilworth home for our new shop. Nestled between other local businesses, we began to share out love for artisan oils with our community, providing a unique quality and diversity of flavors that you can't find anywhere else!

Our Product

Ultra premium olive oil and balsamic are our specialties and we offer a wide array of freshly sourced artisan oils, flavored oils, dark and light balsamics, and flavored balsamics. For olive oil, freshness is more important than harvest location, so we import olive oil from around the world, rotating our selection seasonally to ensure maximum freshness. Each bottle we carry has a harvest date, and our owners and employees are extremely knowledgable about the source of the olives and the oil production process. Come into our store to learn more about the specific products we carry and taste different varieties from around the world!

  • Jenn T

    "... a lovely store with a great atmosphere, and the olive oils and vinegars are top notch. Using their products totally changed the way I cook!"

  • AJ M

    “I came in here happy to see a store similar to ones I’ve seen in NYC and elsewhere. The staff there is very friendly…”

  • Tim B

    “Finally… I have found the ultimate olive oil store! Ohhhh my goodness, the flavors were incredible!!! Yum is the word!!”

  • Mark S

    “The staff will make good recommendations. They are knowledgeable about their products.”

  • Thomas W

    "I just had the absolute best shopping experience at Pour Olive. The staff was outstanding and the selection is tastefully exquisite."

  • Chloe E

    “This echoes the other 5 star reviews. I have had my oil and vinegar for about 4 months now and love them. This place is a stop for me for holiday gifts.”