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The Whole Tulip

In 2010 sisters Carolyn Hallett and Adri Warrick, both certified integrative nutrition health coaches, started the Whole Tulip to help people learn to eat better, navigate the crazy, confusing food system and in turn feel and live better.

Not only are Adri and Carolyn certified in holistic health coaching but they are also working moms with young kids who’ve successfully transitioned their families to whole foods and revamped the way they eat and live. They have mastered how to feed their families real food without spending hours in the kitchen. How to get dinner and lunches done quickly so they have time to relax with their spouses.

The Whole Tulip coaches are passionate about showing clients realistic, totally achievable ways to prioritize their health, eat whole foods and in turn live and feel better.

Heidi Billotto Cooks

For more than two dozen years, Charlotte culinary expert Heidi Billotto has been writing about food and restaurants for several Charlotte-based magazines, newspapers and Web sites. Between columns, Heidi teaches a regular schedule of weekly cooking classes both in her home and on local farms. She also conducts private in-home or office cooking classes for corporate team building and social gatherings. Over the years Heidi has parlayed her culinary talents to develop a small but successful catering business and she publishes a weekly email newsletter with info about her cooking classes, Charlotte restaurants, food happenings and more. Heidi is married to Charlotte singer and musician, Tom Billotto. The two often work together providing “food and mood” at private parties and corporate events.Follow Heidi on Facebook at Heidi Billotto and Heidi Billotto Cooks; on Twitter at @HeidiCooks and you read her blog at For up to date info on Heidi's ongoing series of cooking classes or to plan a private class of your own, email Heidi directly at [email protected]

Chef Alyssa's Kitchen

With a magnificent team behind her, Chef Alyssa will provide you with an amazing cooking class right in the heart of South End at Atherton Mills. With years of experience, their mission is to provide a comfortable and social environment that will allow guests to enhance their skills for those who love to cook and eat well. Check out Alyssa and her team on instagram @chefalyssaclt
Check out more about her classes!

Relish Carolina

Relish Carolina is a roaming dinner club that recreates the lost practice of dinnertime - on a larger, community scale. In our homes, dinnertime is a chance to bond, eat, laugh, and wax poetic about how we would spend our lotto winnings with the ones we love. They're restoring this tradition by pairing simple, bold cuisine with unique atmospheres. Their events hope to replicate the cozy, intimate ambiance of dinnertime with family and friends for all our participants.

The dinners are served in distinctly unique spaces in and around North and South Carolina and are an ever-changing experiment in culinary and experiential creativity. Space, which is often tight, determines the scale of the event and the number of seats available.

The last event, An Evening at a Southern Plantation Pour Olive's oil + balsamics were be integrated into the menu with southern cocktails, historical house tours, croquet + bocce ball and dinner served family style on a 100 ft. Farm table - All just 1 mile outside of Uptown!  Learn More Here

The Plaid Penguin

Please don’t confuse these penguins with your traditional marketing communications or advertising agency. Ad Agencies simply craft ads. The Plaid Penguin . . . they craft brands. Their work is designed to help brands in times of growth and transition, usually when companies add products, services, leadership, or marketing that shift the direction of the organization. It’s a mixture of consulting, marketing, writing and design. It’s challenging, ground level work that can help align an organization

The Penguins deal mostly with what they call “challenger brands.” Brands that aren’t number one in their categories. They are the ones who need to be smarter, more nimble and more strategic so they can grab some market share. And they are usually heavily outspent by their competitors. They love that, because the penguins are a challenger brand, too. Their experience is extensive and they are well-equipped to work in any business segment that requires or benefits from fresh thinking and smart ideas. They are experts at finding game-changing ideas for companies they partner with.

If you’re a funded start-up, an established company with that stale brand smell, or just someone with a question about design, branding or creative, drop them a line. We did and couldn't be happier.

704 .464 .3007  |

Savory Spice Shop

Savory Spice Shop offers a large variety of seasonings and spices. Our spices are ground fresh on the premises in small, weekly batches, so that we can offer the freshest possible product. They offer more than 140 seasonings which are original recipes and are hand-blended on-site. Both are offered for sale in as little as a half ounce and in either bags or bottles. Savory Spice Shop also offers extracts, sauces and more.

Atherton Mill | 2000 South Blvd., Ste. 150  |  Ph: (980) 225-5419
[email protected]