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Our Oil + Balsamic Rewards program, or Pour Points, is designed for you to earn for your purchases.  It's free to participate.
No more trying to keep up with a punch card, we'll keep all your points in our system! Just tell us you'd like to sign up when at our shoppe (or send an email asking to sign up). Even if you're not local, we can still award points to you over the phone when you purchase products for shipping.
See how you earn points below:

1 POINT =                                             2 POINTS =
two 200ml bottles,                                  one 750ml bottle
or one 375ml bottle
or one 6-pack of mini bottles

Once you rack up 15 POINTS you choose your reward!* It's quick & simple:
     A complimentary 375ml bottle of either infused olive oil or balsamic

*excludes Gourmet line, Ultra Premium oils or Specialty products. Points are not rewarded for discounted bottles

We Refill and You Save!

Run your used Pour Olive bottles through the dishwasher (let them dry) then bring them in for a REFILL. You can grab any oil or balsamic to refill it with, too. You'll receive our Bottle Refill Discount. You save and the earth saves too!

We can SHIP any products you'd like. Check out our shipping page and give us a call!