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Pour Olive is a locally owned and operated gourmet oil and vinegar shoppe located in the heart of Charlotte’s Dilworth Neighborhood since 2012. We provide over forty artisanal oils and vinegars for foodies and kitchen amateurs alike. We pay homage to freshness- all of our oils are sourced from both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres of the world, resulting in the freshest oils. If you don’t know when your oil was made, then knowing where is meaningless. Our balsamics come from Modena, Italy, one of two places in the world for “the real balsamic deal”. To protect their delicate flavors, all of Pour Olive’s oils and vinegars are stored in fustis and we bottle your choice straight from the tap!

Waltz on into the store! We’ll educate you on the health benefits of both oils and balsamics, and we’ll let you sip and dip along the way. We won’t send you home until you find the perfect product. Additionally, we can help you find flavor pairings for any occasion, gifts for your celebrated moments, and more.

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