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Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils:

These are all natural, plain, extra virgin olive oils. This means they are the highest grade of olive oils- unadulterated by chemicals, heat, or other inferior ingredients. Our oils are sent off to Australia for certification testing at Modern Olives Lab, making them the highest quality you can currently get on the market, known as Ultra Premium!

The oils we offer come from various countries around the world (some are exclusively supplied to us alone!). There are 2 harvest seasons each year, one occurring in the Northern hemisphere and the other in the Southern hemisphere. Due to only supplying fresh oils, we rotate our offerings with each harvest. This means you will not, and should not, find Californian or Italian oils on our line-up year round.
Learn more information on the chemistry of the oils and check out How to Buy Great Olive Oil.

{ 200ml: $12  |  375ml: $18  |  750ml: $32 }*
*prices may vary depending on harvest/orchard

{Australia} Mild Intensity-
May 2018 | Biophenol: 163.6ppm | FFA: 0.23 | PV: 7.3 | Oleic Acid: 74.3% | DAGs: 92.1| PPP: <1.0

Australian Hojiblanca is one of our most popular Extra Virgin Olive Oils! Pleasantly creamy, exhibiting wonderful tasting notes of stone fruit and tropical fruit. No bitterness and low pungency, delicate pepper finish

{Chile} Mild Intensity-
May 2018 | Biophenol: 187.6ppm | FFA: 0.09 | PV: 7.0 | Oleic Acid: 75.1% | DAGs: 91.1 | PPP: <1.0

This lovely, mild Arbequina displays notes of cut grass, delicate herbs and creamy artichoke. Well balanced, highly approachable, and perfect for those looking for a mild extra virgin olive oil.

{South Africa} Medium Intensity-
May 2018 | Biophenol: 358.4ppm | FFA: 0.30 | PV: 7.6 | Oleic Acid: 65.7% | DAGs: 92.7 | PPP: <1.0

This wonderfully complex Frantoio offers remarkable tasting notes of dominant green apple and a nice pungency with a peppery finish. On the milder side, it displays minimal bitterness.

{Chile} Medium-Robust Intensity-

May 2018 | Biophenol: 378.6ppm | FFA: 0.13 | PV: 4.5 | Oleic Acid: 80.0% | DAGs: 90.8 | PPP: <1.0
This big and bold Picual displays prominent tasting notes of fresh cut grass, green tomato leaf, dandelion greens and peppery arugula.

{South Africa} Robust Intensity-
May 2018 | Biophenol: 448.6ppm | FFA: 0.19 | PV: 6.6 | Oleic Acid: 64.1% | DAGs: 94.6 | PPP: <1.0

This stunning example of South African Favalosa displays prominent herbaceous notes of cut grass, bitter greens and green tea with a lingering bitterness.

Don Carlo
{South Africa} Robust Intensity-
May 2018 | Biophenol: 463ppm | FFA: 0.21 | PV: 5.6 | Oleic Acid: 75.1% | DAGs: 91.3 | PPP: <1.0

This is the legendary Don Carlo. Dominant tasting notes of peppery arugula, bitter dandelion greens and fresh cut herbs. A very bold Extra Virgin Olive Oil, perfect for those looking for something robust.
(don- car-low)

{Chile} Robust Intensity-
May 2018 | Biophenol: 644.8ppm | FFA: 0.19 | PV: 6.3 | Oleic Acid: 79.5% | DAGs: 95.7 | PPP: <1.0

Our Chilean Coratina is remarkably high in both phenols and oleic acid, as evidenced by the desirable chili pepper sensations on the palate, making it a very healthy choice. It displays prominent tasting notes of cinnamon and wild grass, it's loaded with peppery notes, and is wonderfully bitter, pungent and well balanced.

*If you do not see a variety listed on this page it is either not currently available on our line-up at the shop or out of season. Please call our shop for more info! 980.207.1510

So what does all the chemistry mean and how does it apply to you? Fresh is best when it comes to Extra Virgin Olive more!

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