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How-To: Tasting Olive Oil

Whether you were raised on olive oil or are new to the quality oil scene, it never hurts to have a full understanding of how to taste this amazing product.

Tasting extra virgin olive oil (yes, you definitely want it to be extra virgin) is quite an enjoyable experience, much like tasting varietals of wine. Your taste buds will pick up on a wide variety of flavor notes and textures that you never knew existed amongst these seemingly simple oils. Forgo using bread for tasting to avoid over looking any of the delicious characteristics in each olive oil.

Steps for the Serious Tasters:

Select your oil choice and pour about 2 tsp. into a sample cup.
We recommend trying from the mild end and working your way to the robust side.

Much like swirling wine, olive oil needs to be warmed and swirled to release the aromatics.
Nest the cup in one hand, cover with the other hand, and twist and swirl the oil to warm it.

Uncover the cup and immediately inhale the aroma.
This will reveal the "nose" and gives you a clue as to what major flavors the oil holds.
If it seems heavily fragrant then the "nose" is big.
{ Did you know about 80% of what you taste is actually from what you smell?! }

Don't be shy! Take in a small noisy slurp.
This properly sprays the oil over your taste buds while aerating it to unlock all the flavors.

At this point your nose and taste buds have all the information they need.
What do you notice? Pungent, green fruity or vegetable notes?
Is it very grassy or more mild and creamy?
The flavor profile and use will determine your choice!

Now, you officially have the basic steps in tasting extra virgin olive oils covered! Welcome to the wonderful world of unwavering quality. Stop by Pour Olive where we hand bottle any Ultra Premium Plain or Flavored Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegars for you.