Frequently Asked Questions

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Please store both your oils & vinegars in a cooler, dark place away from heat and light. A pantry or cabinet away from the stove is perfect.

Our olive oil begins at an Ultra Premium, extra virgin level of quality (That’s an A+). Once you purchase an oil, please try to use it within 12 to 14 months. After 14 months it should still be good to use, however, it will no longer be of the Ultra Premium quality. This means the freshness, health benefits, and flavor are slowly decreasing.

Our vinegars get better with age. You should find they are great to use for years to come. They will thicken and darken over time which is natural.

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No, we do not reuse bottles. If you do not wish to reuse them for yourself please remember to recycle them!

Mini       = 60ml   = ~ 1/4 cup (safe for travel on planes!)
Small     = 200ml = ~1 cup
Medium = 375ml = ~2 cups
Large     = 750ml  = ~ 4 cups

We opened our little shop door in 2012.

No, there is currently only one Pour Olive which is located in Dilworth.

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Our olive oils come from various countries/orchards around the world. We do this so we may provide you with fresh oil year round. There are 2 harvest seasons each year. One occurs in the Northern hemisphere in the first half of the year and the second harvest comes from the Southern hemisphere in the last half of the year. Each orchard creates only Ultra Premium certified oil, this way it does not matter where the oil is from but rather how the oil was made!

We only supply balsamic from Modena, Italy. One of the only regions to produce true balsamic. All our balsamic is aged and contains no additives or added sugars. They are incredibly healthy and diabetic friendly.

Our oils are 100% natural, cold-pressed, and extra virgin. One Tbsp = 120 calories with 14g of total fat, largely made up of monounsaturated fats (the good kind)!

Our balsamic is 100% natural and aged with no added sugars. One Tbsp = 40 calories* with only 9g* of naturally occurring sugar/carbs.

Any of our flavored oils or balsamics have the same nutritional content + the natural botanical used for the flavor.

*This number may be slightly higher or lower depending on the type of balsamic purchased.

We do not permit returns. However, we do allow exchanges as long as the product is not opened, out of date, or damaged. You must make an exchange for the full amount on the same day the exchange is requested.