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Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils:

These are all natural, unflavored, extra virgin olive oils. This means they are the highest grade of olive oils- unadulterated by chemicals, heat, or other inferior ingredients. Our oils are sent off to Australia for certification testing, making them the highest quality you can currently get on the market, known as Ultra Premium!
( learn more information on the chemistry of the oils )

{ 200ml: $12  |  375ml: $18  |  750ml: $32 }*
*prices may vary depending on harvest/farmer

Koroneiki *
{California} Mild Intensity-
November 2016 | Polyphenol: 166 | FFA: 0.10 | PV: 7.8 | Oleic Acid: 76.4 | DAGs: 96.4 | PPP: <1.0

Notes of green almond and apple peel give way to flavors of ripe banana. Balanced with minimal bitterness and slightly more pepper, our delicate early harvest California Koroneiki has a sightly pungent finish.

Arbequina *
{California} Medium/Mild Intensity-
November 2016 | Polyphenol: 252 | FFA: 0.10 | PV: 5.7 | Oleic Acid: 68.8 | DAGs: 94.2 | PPP: >1.0

Our Early Harvest Organic Certified California Arbequina is creamy & delicate with notes of green almond, artichoke and citrus. Nice peppery finish, low bitterness. Extremely high smoke point due to low FFA.

{Portugal} Medium Intensity-
November 2016 | Polyphenol: 263 | FFA: 0.10 | PV: 6.9 | Oleic Acid: 73.6 | DAGs: 98 | PPP: <1.0

The dominant variety in Portugal, this early harvest example is perfectly balanced with equal parts pungency and bitterness. Delicate, creamy and viscous with pleasant confectionary flavors, berry notes and creamy almond. Low FFA, high smoke point.

{Portugal} Robust intensity-
November 2016 | Polyphenol: 399 | FFA: 0.2 | PV: 7.4 | Oleic Acid: 72.8 | DAGs: 96.9 | PPP: <1.0

Historically one of our most popular Northern hemisphere EVOOs, this Cobrançosa is very complex. Layered with creamy flavors and savory notes of nettle & green herb, this unique Portuguese variety has developed a loyal following.

{Spain} Robust Intensity-
November 2016 | Polyphenol:  | FFA: 0.20 | PV: 6.7 | Oleic Acid: 70.9 | DAGs: 94.8 | PPP: 1.3

Loaded with desirable lingering pepper, this high-phenolic Manzanillo has a ripe olive front with middle notes of creamy green almond and bitter radicchio. A delayed and lingering pepper finish.

*If you do not see a variety listed on this page it is either not currently available on our line-up at the shop or out of season . Please call our shop for more info! 980.207.1510

So what does all the chemistry mean and how does it apply to you? Fresh is best when it comes to Extra Virgin Olive more!

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