Oil Oil Bottles

Hiring Now!

Mar 16

Calling All Oil & Vinegar Enthusiasts... Pour Olive is ready for a new Team Member! Pour Olive has been open for 5 years and we are in need of a new team member to help fill out our shop! If you enjoy amazing flavors, food, and all the benefits oil and vinegar have to offer, then this position may just be what you're looking for. The position is p...

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Olive Oil In Vat

Why You Can't Trust The Grocery Store

Jan 04

Olive Oils On The Grocery Store Shelves Aren't Always As They Appear.... Check out this article "Your Olive Oil Is Almost Certainly Fake" written by Maddie Oatman for the website Mother Jones, a piece that sums up what we are here for at Pour Olive- quality oils and vinegars bringing flavor to your meals and health to your hearts. A lot of us choose oli...

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Oil Oil Bottles

Hiring for the Holidays!

Sep 13

Now Hiring for the Holiday Season Pour Olive is in need of a friendly face with great taste buds! We are a local small business that runs well throughout the year and then explodes during the holiday season. It's always a lot of busy fun that we look forward to each year! We are a bit short staffed moving into the 2016 Holiday Season and are in need of ...

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Teacher's Appreciation and Mother's Day 2016

Apr 15

GIFTS: TEACHER APPRECIATION & MOTHER'S DAY 2016       Teacher Appreciation week is May 2nd - May 6th with Teacher's Appreciation day being on May 3rd. Any kind gesture is always appreciated by those who help raise and nurture our kids. And we all know how much of a task it can be at times, so a small "Thank You" is the perfect w...

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Truth In Olive Oil Logo

Truth In Olive Oil

Feb 08

In Response to 60 Minutes' Olive Oil Segment.... We have had a large quantity of customers stopping in lately asking more forward and informed questions about our olive oils and their quality and WE LOVE IT! And we have 60 Minutes to thank for that. 60 Minutes recently ran a segment on the Italian olive oil industry and the Agromafia (agricultural mafia...

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Vf Olive Oil

Italian Olive Oil Scandal...

Nov 18

Italian Olive Oil Producers Selling Fake Extra Virgin Olive Oils The Italian food industry has been riddle with scandal for years. It is one of their most lucrative industries, yet companies working with the Italian region cannot seem to stay on the straight and narrow. An excerpt from the article reads "seven of Italy’s best-known olive oil companies a...

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Holiday Gift Packs!

Oct 28

Grab & Go Gifts We've taken our most popular and widely loved Oil + Vinegar pairings and dressed them up for Holiday Gifts. They come in sets of 2 or 4 (as pairings) and every Gift Pack includes a "To & From" card as well as recipes created by local Chef Alyssa, exclusively for Pour Olive.   $30 (2 types of pairings available in both pa...

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Shopping Blog Pic

VIP Shopping Hours!

Oct 10

Enjoy Extended Hours In November For VIP Shopping With Friends! The holidays bring cheer and a hectic schedule all at once. We want to help you spend some quality time with friends before you disappear into the holiday family abyss! Come check us out every Thursday night in November, before Thanksgiving week, for a VIP Shopping experience. Enjoy wine an...

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Stony Brook Logo

New Squash Seed Oils!

Jun 29

Introducing Butternut Squash Seed Oil and Roasted Pumpkin Seed Oil We recently added these great oils to our Gourmet Oil line up. They both boast rich nutty and buttery flavors. Perfect for replacing nuts in baking and stuffing, finishing grilled fruit or vegetables, even roasting! They are freshly pressed weekly in small batches here in the U.S. E...

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Up Logo

Scandal in the EVOO World and How Pour Olive Stays on Track

Jun 26

Other EVOO Producers Are Misleading the Consumer “'Made in Italy' label also misleading on Bertolli, Carapelli, Filippo Berio brands, lawsuits allege” Salov North America Corp., maker of Filippo Berio olive oil, and Deoleo USA, which makes Bertolli and Carapelli, are mislabeling and misleading consumers. Here are few quick points revealing the issu...

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